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In the center of the town of Cañada, a very old small building, with an apparently normal appearance, houses an old production cellar with a set of 25 barrels that have been forgotten and silent for more than 60 years. Old cooper stamps, traveling barrels, etc. hold a collection of old wines, among which are 2 soleras of Fondillón baptized with the name of “Luis XIV”.

This wine cellar is open to the public by appointment only.

More information

Company Name: Collection of Toneles Centenarios SL
Winemaker: David Carbonell
Director / President: Regino Ballester
Head of Foreign Trade: David Carbonell
Year of Incorporation: 2019
Address: Calle Pintorolla, CAÑADA. 03409 Sorolla Street. (ALICANTE).
Telephone: 667 669 287
Email: director@fondillonluisXIV.com
Website: https://www.fondillonluisxiv.com/
Authorized Brands: Luis XIV Fondillón


Colección de Toneles Centenarios

Fondillón Luis XIV, edad superior a 50 años.

Fondillón Luis XIV, edad superior a 25 años.