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A singular wine in the world with a singular name that distinguishes its complex elaboration and virtues. A natural Monastrell vintage wine with over 10 years of aging that can only be produced in the historic demarcation of “Alicante.” Here you can discover its secrets, although you will never know them all until you taste it and pair it.


A very old and native red grape variety of this Alicante region that allows for a late harvest. Pure expression of sun and limestone.

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Minimum 10-year aging process

This is the minimum stipulated for its market release. Though in most cases, the vintages are usually longer as the soleras are being produced.

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Natural wine

The alcohol content (+16º) that this wine contains originates solely from its fermentation and long aging process, with no additives or intervention at any moment. This is what sets it apart from other wines within this family: Port wines, Sherry, Madeira, Marsala etc.

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Legendary soleras

The small stocks of this product, the scarcity of its elaboration and the backgrounds of these families has created a collection of vintages and soleras with great history.

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A different type of wine tasting

The uniqueness of this product shows in its color, aroma and palate. It requires rest, calm, conversation and silence as well.

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Unique in the world

A variety that originated in the Spanish Levante and a natural vintage wine, unique in the world. The first to have its own name and category, officially recognized by the European Union.