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Best Wine of Spain 2020

Alimentos de España awards

Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food

In 2019, the Regulatory Council established the Fondillón Award to recognize the work of institutions or personalities that protect the world’s cultural, social or environmental heritage.

Fondillón Award 2019: Museo Nacional del Prado


” It is an aromatic, purposely oxidized, slightly sweet wine that is still
rare and now gaining a revival. And so it should”

(Wine Spectator. Junio 07)

“To drink Fondillón is to drink a part of history and a part of its area. There cannot be a professional in this sector in the world who has not tried it”

(Carlos Gonzalez. Director Cata Guia Peñín. 2020)

“Few wine regions can present a historical background like Alicante and, at the same time, be a modern reference in the current taste of the wine consumer, which is both cosmopolitan (global) and identitarian (local). Rarely have species and territory produced fruit as excellent as the reds of Alicante.”

(Joan Martí. Anuario Gastronómico de la Comunidad Valenciana 2008).

“It is a wine to keep in the most emotional part of our brains. To have a sip from time to time, and think about its history. And to think about our history of drinking wines that were made when we were much younger. This is a nice thing. And also, simply enjoy this unique and particular wine.”

Pedro Ballesteros MW

“The true Alicante must be made from Monastrell grapes, and from those result a wine, thick with a sweet taste and some harshness, so esteemed in all nations.”.

(Cabanilles. 1796)

“In all of Valencia there is not a single place where a foreigner can decently offer himself a drink or rest for a moment. The taverns are dirty and unhealthy, the people found there are ignoble and despicable, and the wine detestable. How is it possible that being so close to Alicante you can’t find a glass of drinkable wine?”

(Giacomo Casanova. Memories)

“…Alicante wine of the great market in England, Scotland, Flanders and other places in Europe. It is a very thick wine with an intense color, to the extent that in Flanders they add it to strengthen the Rhine wine…”

Jerónimo Münzer

“In Petrel we also owned a winery. In Monóvar we jealously guarded a barrel of Fondillón. Every year we would take out a pitcher and replace it with a new one. When talking about Alicante, Fondillón is usually more expensive. Each country breeds its wines … Once I brought six bottles of Fondillón to Madrid, well-sealed. I gave them to Don Antonio Maura. Since then, when Don Antonio Maura stood up in Congress to give a long speech and they brought him a glass of water with a few drops of coffee, I thought: “A glass of Fondillón would be more comforting”.


“… Raise your glass to the light of heaven,
admire its color. What a wonder!
and bow down to the fennel in the ground
This wine must be drunk on your knees!”

(Eleuterio Llorca)

“Why, it’s the famous Alicante Fondillón, which is so famous in the world!”

Francisco Martínez Montiño, Felipe II’s senior cook.

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