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The casks/barrels.

The wineries have been guarding and gathering this rich heritage of casks over the years that today form part of the singularity of the product. They have a fragile preservation and each one has their own history, as many of the families of the wineries inherited these barrels that were abandoned in old houses, cellars or from the old master Coopers of the region. There is proof of the important artisan tradition.


Oak barrels

Between 600, 225, 150, 100, 64, 32 and 161.
This proves the diversity of origins,
very limited vintages or artisanal
productions of some of the families.

Name used for the oak
containers mainly of
1735 litres and 1500 litres.

In exceptional cases,
some 2500 litre casks are used.

"Alicantino” or
“Monovero” Cask

Time and Fondillón.

The aging of this product takes place for a minimum of 10 years. Although some Fondillones are historical products that are much older due to the age of their solera or each family´s history.

During this aging period, each barrel undergoes oxidation that causes some of the wine to evaporate; or when the “sacas” (when part of the wine is extracted from the solera for bottling) are removed, it must be refilled or topped off to keep the wood intact. The nature of the wine with which it is filled will create…

Solera Fondillón

These are created when the greater percentage of old wine is mixed with a smaller percentage of a younger wine, giving it its character.

Vintage Fondillón

These represent when the product to be blended comes from the same vintage as the mother, maintaining its purity from its harvest vintage.

New Fondillones

Over the past few years some wineries have been harvesting semi-dry grapes and reserving them for new Fondillones that once approved and pass the certification process, will carry this label of quality.