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This winery is a group of other historical cooperatives in the area that have collaboratively been providing their most precious barrels for Fondillón. Originating from Cañada, Castalla, La Romana, Petrer and Sax, today they house a few hundred-year-old barrels and more than 50 special barrels for the aging of this wine with stocks from 1988 that are always made through specific vintages with the “Laudum Fondillon” brand.

This wine cellar is open to the public. It has a store and offers wine tastings.

More information

Company Name: Bodegas Bocopa
Winemaker: Gaspar Tomás Martínez / Juani Madrigal / David Llopis
Director / President: Gaspar Tomás Martínez
Head of Foreign Trade: Karine Jurado
Year of Incorporation: 1987
Address: PO Box No. 119, 03610 Petrel, Alicante
Phone: 966950489
Fax: 966950406
Email: info@bocopa.com
Website: www.bocopa.com
Authorized Brands: Laudum Fondillón



Laudum Fondillón