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Facilities from the year 1970 with a cellar where about 28 Monovar barrels are kept with reserves since 1955 that are currently looked after with great care. The casks are stamped by local manufacturers and have been reorganized to allow for greater control and ease of use. Guardians.

This wine cellar is open to the public. It has a store and offers wine tastings.

More information

Company Name: Bodega Cooperativa de Algueña Coop. V
Winemaker: Antonio Piñero Gil
Director / President: Celestino Falcó Cantó
Year of Incorporation: 1970
Address: Carretera del Rodriguillo s / n Km. 29’5, 03668 Algueña, Alicante
Phone: 965476113
Fax: 965476113
Email: bodega@vinosdealguenya.es
Website: www.vinosdealguenya.es
Authorized Brands: Guardianes del Fondillón


Vinos de Agueña

Guardianes del fondillón


Guardianes del fondillón


Guardianes del fondillón