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The large winery has a few Fondillón casks that it guards with great care and that originate from their neighboring towns.

This wine cellar is not open to the public. Only its store.

More information

Company Name: Bodega Santa Catalina
Director / President: Salvador Poveda Algarra
Year of Incorporation: 1962
Address: Game of the Mañán, 03649 Mañán, Alicante
Phone: Store: 965978155 , Office: 96 696 0096
Email: info@bodegasantacatalina.com , enoturismo@bodegasantacatalina.com
Website: http://www.bodegasantacatalina.com/
Authorized Brands: Fondillón Gran Mañan


Bodega Santa Catalina del Mañán

Gran Mañán Fondillón Solera