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The little old house located in the valley of Mañán continues to keep a set of old barrels collected from its surrounding towns: from Monóvar, Pinoso or La Romana. There are nine 1,700 liter barrels. There they keep a solera of about 15,000 liters dated in 1973. The winery has now been converted into more modern facilities around its own vineyard, but the cellar for this wine is closed to the public.

This wine cellar is not open to the public.

More information

Company Name: Bodegas Alejandro, S.L.
Address: El Mañán, HJ10, 03649 Monóvar, Alicante
Phone: 966960291
Fax: 966960291
Website: www.bodegasalejandro.com


Bodegas Alejandro Pérez