Tasting notes

In organoleptic terms the first surprise, even before you notice the colour,  is the aroma of Fondillón that pervades every room where a bottle is opened.

Powerful, robust, dried fruit and nuts, toasted hints, leather, the Fondillón aroma is warm and heady. As for the colour, amber yellow, mahogany, with a medium depth of orange and honey tones. In the mouth you notice its powerful structure, warmth and tannic power, a light touch of sweetness (although it is not sweet) and a balanced, lingering flavour.

Logically, there are some differences between the different wines due mainly to:


Fondilón de 10-20 años

There are noticeable differences between a 10 and a 20 year old Fondillón.  A 10 year-old Fondillón is normally a ruby red colour with a russet rim, medium depth, tones of very ripe fruit such as raisins plus a sweeter touch than older wines of its type.

Fondillón más de 20 años

A Fondillón more than 20 years old  will have acquired its characteristic amber and mahogany colour.  The depth of colour will have diminished substantially. The aroma is predominantly dried fruit and nuts, walnuts, vintage leather and tobacco, which come through in the mouth as a dryer product combined with an excellent structure, lingering aftertaste and persistence.