It  is usually regarded as a dessert wine.

This is almost certainly due to its lingering aftertaste and enjoyment, which makes it ideal for a post-meal drink.

Plus it goes extremely well with sweet treats and special desserts.

It is the only wine that combines perfectly with dark chocolate,  as it is not sweet, so it highlights the sugar and preserves its potency without overwhelming it.

It also goes very well with the dairy or fruit content in other types of chocolate (white chocolate, milk chocolate and chocolate with almonds) and its hints of dried fruit and nuts bring out the flavours beautifully. It can also be paired with desserts featuring crème brûlée, cream and meringue. There is a classic anecdote describing how King Louis XVI enjoyed biscuits soaked in Fondillón, turning it into a dessert for the elite.

Younger Fondillón wines can be paired equally well with fruit cakes, sponge cakes, panettone, mocha and so on.

They are also perfect for drinking with blue cheese, either on its own or as part of a starter, as it balances the wine’s generous structure and potency.


They can also be paired with mini savoury toasts with cured meat or foie-gras.

Fondillón wine is a fantastic ingredient for making sauces and reductions, and has been used by great chefs in recent years.

For any of these pairings we advise using the wine glass specially designed by Juan Ferrer and made by Czech company Rona.  The glass is sold exclusively in specialist wine shops.

Copa fondillón